Complete Portfolio

Fantasy Club planned to add a complete portfolio or profile page for each and every independent Bangalore escorts with us. After taking the decision we have contacted every Bangalore escort profiles that working with us. But we got a negative reply only. Those secret Bangalore escort girls are not ready to provide their complete personal details to publish in our complete Bangalore escorts website. The team of Fantasy Club requested many times with every independent girl but any of them is ready for this. At last, we dropped that idea to add the complete portfolio of Bangalore escort girls.

Later we have made an inquiry that why the girls are not ready to provide their total details to publish within the most leading Bangalore escorts website. It is very simple these girls are coming from good families in society and trying this way to earn something for their education and personal expenses. Some of the independent Bangalore escort girls are not ready to even forward their pictures. We understood that they need privacy in their personal details so they are not ready to give all the details about them. We have to share the issue with our precious clients otherwise they believe that Fantasy Club is providing insufficient details about the Bangalore escorts who are working with them