Yes. This could happen. But, one should never let this happen. Don’t forget, it’s a business relationship. Letting yourself sway away is not a good option. Let’s take a look at a few scenarios and assess them.


Get Away. As soon as possible. This is the only best option available. As I said this is a client service relationship and you are paying her for your pleasure. This is where it should end. Many times client who is emotionally or mentally broken see any escort and the escort helps them lift their mood. Stays cheerful with them they start expecting for more…If you want to take more time with the escort then head out for a holiday for like a week and when you come back from there break all ties. This is her profession don’t forget that.


Likelihood if this is nearly impossible because escorts have committed to the fact that this is not possible. So, this should not be a point of concern. But if things do get of hand then the client could always contact her pimp and let him know.


This mostly happens with older clients who just don’t feel satisfied with intercourse and they crave for human intimacy and affection. Someone who could make them feel alive and young again. As a result, what they do is they pay to see the same escort again and again. This might sound like a good idea at first but then, in the long run, this could get way too complicated. Here lies the role of an escort. She has to take the initiative and compel the client to stop seeing her.

With us being part of the human race we always want something which we know is hard to find or impossible. But this is such area of profession where feelings have no place in either person involved. Instead of making things complicated we should look for things which make our life easier.

A person who decides to become an escort always has the mindset that she has to satisfy the other person. She should always be responsible for what is going to happen next. Nobody in this business has the best interest at heart. Looking at the brighter side, married men instead of cheating their wives see the escorts, satisfy their needs and then move on with their life. In a way, they do love their wives but as I said in my other blog men have urges, needs which they should take care of.

Lastly, a service should be treated as a service. Professionalism must be maintained. Don’t waste or ruin anyone’s time and they will certainly not ruin the moments for which you have paid. These things should be handled with a different perspective and develop that. Will help you in long run.