Handling Anxiety And Performance With An Escort

Okay, so you are sure about the D-day and have gone through all the “rituals” such as booking a hotel, discussing your requirements with the escort and so on.

But, deep down you are getting anxious as to how you are going to handle it. Will you really be able to do it and if yes will you be satisfied. Will it be worth paying so much. Let’s take a look at a few aspects of how to handle the pressure when you plan to see an escort.

Have A Break Beforehand

Before you see an escort, take some time off and chill. Either binge watches something or sleep, relax your mind and don’t think too much about what is going to happen. Think about what all you have always wanted to do and finally you will get a chance to do so.

Take care of your breath, don’t eat anything which will have a smell in your mouth for long.

Don’t get tormented about that the thought that is this wrong, why am I doing this. If you are sexually frustrated and crossed a certain age then you should really consider this as the idea of losing your virginity.

The Pre- Preparation Before The Act

Before you leave your place or before she arrives to make sure you take a good bath, feel fresh and totally ready to see some stranger getting naked in front of you. For your first time act professionally and don’t divulge too much into facts with her. If you feel you need sometimes ask her to sit quietly for a while and be it.

Make sure you have enough condoms because for the first timers a lot of condoms do go waste and you might land in trouble if you feel aroused and you don’t have a condom.

Don’t let the escort sense that it’s your first time she might take advantage of you.

If you want her to do something for you then ask in a courteous making her think that this position is your first time.

Don’t try experimenting too much on your first day. Sex needs experience and you might end up being frustrated trying to act like your favorite adult start.

If You Are Feeling Too Pressurized

If you are feeling that you are not that person, you can’t do this but deep down you want to do it then the best suggestion would be to visualize it as your night falls and try to act mechanically like your fantasy.

Remember if you are being too gentle with the escort she might love it too and would cooperate with you. If that is the case then you can just carry on with the flow and let your action speak.

Another premium way to handle your pressure is to get familiar with the escort. Start talking dirty with her. Ask her how she does it and imagines it. Tell her to recall her best acts and imagine her doing the same to you.

In the end, don’t forget you are the king here, you take all the decisions. Just be in your senses. Enjoy.