Save Yourself from the Fake

A recently published news regarding a fake Bangalore escorts service provider made me think about to blog about such incidents in Bangalore. I am sure few of my website visitors will read this and they will be aware of such issues regarding escort services in Bangalore. Usually, I am doing some promotion related blog posts on my website, but this time it is a pure warning about the false and misleading Bangalore escorts service providers. The incident happened at Whitefield, A techie who was looking for high profile Bangalore escorts service in a free classified website stuck on an advertisement posted by a girl itself. The techie got interested in such independent Bangalore escorts.

He made a call in the number shown in the Bangalore escorts advertisement. That girl told the client to reach a particular place at Whitefield, he reached the place on time with the money. He has waited for a long time for the call of Bangalore escorts service provider. After half an hour a group of men came in a van and robbed his valuables. He complained at the nearest police station and they busted a group of people including a lady. This kind of incidents will make the clients stop searching for Bangalore escorts service. I am sure that he had made mistake by choosing a Bangalore escorts service provider from a classified website.