The Story Behind the name

There may be a small story behind the name of each and everything in the world. Here also we have a small story behind “Fantasy Club”. Actually, we were planned to start an online portal for like social media website with all the facilities including personal profiles, chatting, multimedia sharing, and many things. But unfortunately, we could not do that because the investment is very huge and we need the support of a large number of professionals. These factors made our mission impossible and we left it behind the clouds. The name Fantasy Club became our favorite and we are not ready to lose it.

Then we planned to host the site for online dating and escorts services portal in Bangalore. And we found that the name is suitable for companion services and Bangalore escorts. Fantasy means an illusion of mind and club means a group of peoples who are working for a single aim. We fixed the name for our new venture in Bangalore and have started working on that to become the most leading escort portal in Bangalore. We are sure that our secured portal will serve all the peoples in Bangalore with high-class escorts services.