Privacy and Secrets

Hello my dear gentlemen, welcome to another blog post by the leading escorts service girl in Bangalore. Privacy is the most important thing in the life of every person. So I am strictly following some rules and regulations within my independent Bangalore escorts services. First of all, I will not save or keep any clients number within my phone because it is not good for the clients who are regularly connecting me for my secret Bangalore escorts services. I don’t even ask the name or personal details of clients, they can reveal whatever they can and I don’t want to remember it. Lots of clients are thinking that I have saved their numbers within my personal phone. You can check it once we are meeting for my independent Bangalore escorts services. So don’t think like that and don’t afraid of thinking like this.

Next point is about the privacy of my Bangalore escorts life. I don’t want to reveal my personal details to any clients even they are very close to me. Please don’t think that I am cheating you by saying something about me. It is very clear that I need to keep myself secret from the public. Some time I will tell my name by changing to another and my personal details will not be disclosed. I am coming from a good family background but nobody knows that I am using my free time to work as an independent escorts girl in Bangalore. So I need to keep all my personal details secret from all public. Please try to understand my situation and please don’t angry with me.

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