Something about sex

Fantasy Club is trying to post a blog related to sex here. As the growing Bangalore escorts agency we would like to circulate the importance of sex in the life of each and every man. Ignorance in sex matters is a curse, which may take much out of the joy of love and living. Wrong concepts about the sex or lack of its knowledge have ruined many a life. Abiding and loving sexual relations help in building a sensible, happy and constructive human society. Sex is not lust or lust sex. Sex transcends the limit of procreation and sensual pleasure. Procreation can be achieved through artificial insemination and sexual pleasure or orgasm through masturbation. Sexual union is not merely physical; it is a union of two souls as well. That is why most of our mystic and religious literature has erotic overtones and the union of the soul with the Universal Soul has always been depicted in terms of male and female union.

As the leading Bangalore escorts service provider we would like to say you that sex is an integral part of life and its proper knowledge is essential to make life whole and complete in its true sense. Sex is a great power and it can be used both for good and evil purposes. Little or no knowledge or wrong knowledge leads one towards the evil use of the sex, while its proper and relevant understanding results in responsible social behavior and healthy relationship. Sex is a powerful natural urge which if satisfied generally develops into a healthy, loving and meaningful human contacts and intimacy. It can, if sensibly used, liberate hidden constructive energy in a man, while its suppression or perversion can cause much damage and destruction.