How To Book A Genuine Escort Online (Don’t Get Duped)

The situation is really thick when a person wants to book an escort online. With all the scams and frauds running online it’s really difficult to find a genuine booking site. Let’s go through certain aspects of this scenario:

Booking Through Agency Website:

Agencies screen escort for quality so not everybody gets accepted. So good quality is assured. Some agencies ask you certain questions and help you choose the right escort for you, which leads to a better encounter. Unpredictability leads to excitement. A good bait to realize a good agency is that they have standardized reply and they have certain guidelines which they abide by. Also, good agencies make sure that they win your trust at first before making the deal. They will bend their rules according to your requirement. Once you find a good agency stick to them.

They have a dedicated website and have FAQs as a solution to your queries, a dedicated number so that you can always contact them.

Don’t fall for the pictures you find on the website they are just used as decoys to lure you. When doing a search the top few websites shown are usually reliable.

Booking An Independent Escort:

Booking an independent escort doesn’t mean she was rejected by an agency. It’s just that they don’t want to split the bill and they actually have prior experience of working with an escort agency.

The best part about booking an independent escort is that you have to pay when they come and see you, sometimes agencies may ask you to pay a certain amount beforehand which might be fishy.

From your end as a client make sure that the escort is above legal age and she is ready to comply with all your needs. For being sure you can ask her to send her pictures and you can have a good look at them before taking any further decision. If in case the pictures don’t match when you see the escort you can always deny the payment. This situation might be little trickier with agencies because if they are going to dupe they will make sure you pay a certain amount beforehand. This might a ringing bell and sounds as a warning.

Summing up, the Escort business is a service. So only after getting your service pay them, also while booking online doesn’t provide any personal details such as card details, address and so on. Genuine agencies will have good feedback on their website too. Lastly, if something goes wrong or you do end up making a mistake, don’t be afraid, stay calm and don’t forget till now you have just done the mistake the real actual part is still left to maintain a low profile for a few days before contacting the agencies again.

If in case if you have paid some cash online and the escort doesn’t turn up. Report about it. If still, you are not able to reach any conclusion don’t feel disheartened. At least, from now you are aware of the fact that what could go wrong. Good luck. Go live and start booking.

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