Having An Escort Over To Your Place

Is this a bad idea to have escorts coming over to your place? What if they start stalking or make a scene later on when your family members are home or try to blackmail you. But there is a bright side too, you just pay for the escort nothing more, you are in a familiar place, you have a certain hold over the situation. Let’s take a look at following points which should be dealt with:

First thing tries booking a cab for her on your own so that she is not able to trace the address later. Pay to the cab yourself.

Don’t Let Her Have A Good Look At Your House

Once she enters don’t let her have a good look at your place. Take her directly to your room. Scuffle things around in your room. Try covering any photographs or any personal things hung around the room. If possible cover everything up and keep the bed open. Keep your cupboards locked. Don’t let any files lying around. Pay her as soon as she enters the room to avoid last minute hassles. If calling for overnight then make her leave as early as possible in the morning to avoid any suspicion from the nosy neighbors. Try avoiding taking any photos with her. And don’t let her take any photos too. Ask her to submit her phone and give it back to her when she leaves. Also, ask her to delete all the call details happened between both of you and make sure she does this in front of you.

If She Blackmails You

This is a critical situation but can be handled in one simple way. If the escort is delinquent and tries to blackmail you by any means then there is just one best thing to do. DENY EVERYTHING. She can your address from anywhere, she can get your name from somewhere, she can get hold of your family details from some means, and she can get your phone no from somewhere, all these things can be denied easily. But the client should stay calm and must not lose his cool. He acting weird can raise suspicion eyes. She has nothing to claim as a proof and the client can whisk her off easily. And from next time make sure you don’t have anyone over to your place at least for a fair amount of time.

After She Leaves

After the session, you put things back in place, change the sheets to remove the smell of her perfume. Remove trace of wine if you guys had any. Don’t overdo things that might look fishy too.

Having an escort sure does have its advantages but it weighs more on the other side. If you really want to see an escort and can’t afford to book a hotel financially then go for this option. Plus if you are a bachelor and staying in rented place then things work in your favor. Wishing all the luck. Be careful.

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